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Travel Guide Ha Long


HalongBay – the World Natural Heritage by UNESCO is known for its beautiful beaches, resorts, and historic … and a growing number of domestic and foreign tourists to know. Located in northeastern Vietnam, Halong Bay is a part of the Tonkin Gulf, including the sea area of ​​Halong City, Cam Pha Town and part of Van Don island district. Southwestern Gulf borders Cat Ba Island to the east is the sea, the rest of the land adjacent to the coastline of 120 km, with a total area of ​​1,553 km2, including 1,969 islets, of which 989 islands and 980 named islands No ten.Dao of Halong Bay is the island there are two types of limestone and schist islands, concentrated in two main areas are the southeast (belonging to Bai Tu Long Bay) and the southwest (belonging to Halong bay ) with tectonic age of 250-280 million years. Densely concentrated zone of stone islands have spectacular scenery and many beautiful caves well tieng.Co many other places for tourists to enjoy the entertainment and food. In good weather you can walk across the bay by boat, or do a walking tour around this place. You can also swim if you like, or discover the beauty of this famous bay

Do Son - Hai Phong

Go when?

Halong Bay Cruises is located in northern Vietnam, with 4 seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter clear. Almost at any time throughout the year can also travel to Halong Bay Tours , which would be the best between April to October. Weather in these months is quite cool and pleasant.

Although like, but you can also come here in the winter months 12, and February 1. Weather can be cold and cloudy, drizzling rain sometimes. And in the summer but there are so many tourists come here to rest and sightseeing, but sometimes in crowded places is more interesting is deserted. However, during the summer months from May to October, temperatures rise and you may encounter storms in the rainy season.

Where to Go?

Go to Halong Cruises , visitors can take a scenic cruise. You will see a blurry fog like in dreams, the sea crystal clear reflection of the islands in the distance … And you’ll come across the floating houses of the locals, the unit crowded boat crossing the bay. All this will certainly make visitors enjoy.Along the banks of the bay is the resort are usually called Bai Chay. Guests can relax and swim here. This year-round resort windswept sea, the average temperature of approximately 20 ° C, with ranges of low hills sloping toward the sea run longer than 2 km of the ancient embrace is interspersed with luxury hotels floor, the small villa architecture separately. Through the paved road, close to the Gulf of white sand and green rows of casuarina. These cute little shops hidden under casuarina groves. Finished bathing visitors can sit on the shore enjoying the cool water bath to catch the sea breeze.

Besides tourists can take a boat to the island to swim and Co dive watch beautiful coral reefs. This place is also well-suited for tourists who like wild, not crowded like other places


Besides tourists can not visit Tuan Chau Island, a popular tourist resort in the North and superlative is the most beautiful island in the 1969 islands in Ha Long Bay . Besides this is the only island residents. Tuan Chau Island is famous for the largest artificial beach in Vietnam. Guests can enjoy playing on the beach with rolling sand layers famous Tra Co 4km. The game beach and in the water, such as beach volleyball, soccer, surfing, canoes pulled though, motor speed water slide will bring you a healthier holiday, interesting and impressive. In particular, visitors can admire and enjoy the food dishes in Vietnam Garden. This garden is built in a unique style, royal architecture simulation Vietnam 17th and 18th centuries.


Or if you want to be the hot mineral springs to Quang Hanh, Ha Long way over tens of kilometers. This is the state’s tourism investment, offers guests relaxing massage.

Cruises Halong Bay is a huge cave system, each cave has its own beauty and the stories attached to it. Visitors may choose to visit Luon Cave located on Bo Hon Island, 14km from Bai Chay to see the doll stalactites that formed millions of years with a variety of shapes and sizes. You will not believe it because the scenery was so magnificent and majestic. Front of the grotto is Con Rua Islet, Sky Gate is on the right. Here steep cliffs, blue water seasons smooth as a mirror. Edge of the water, a bow gate opened at the foot of the island.


If you prefer to temple worship, the tourists visit Yen Tu relic. This is a system of pagodas, am, the tower and forest trees intertwined with the natural landscape, scattered from red to Yen Tu mountain slope in height gradually. The beauty of Yen Tu is the wonders of mountain air with quiet old definition of system am, along with the spare tower, tree, bamboo and apricot grows in shady roadside for tourists to cross forget the tiredness of steep slopes.


Evening visitors can travel in Bai Chay night market to buy local gifts to give your friends or loved ones or enjoy the food sold at the other side of the road. The place to start is around 21h bustling travel, dining and shopping. If you want to see the whole city at night, you can up the Bai Chay bridge. Conversely, if you want to see Bai Chay Bridge, you can completely go off the old ferry used to stop drinking coffee, watching the sea and the city at night.

Halong Bay Tours outside large cave system, there are ruins and other famous attractions awaiting visitors to explore. Sure you will have a lot of pictures and great memories in this place while traveling.

Go, go back on?Halong City from Hanoi and 170 km, with 3 to 4 hours by car. Most tourists are from Hanoi tour, and include the transport to the bay , as well as accommodation (on a boat or in a hotel), including guided tour and lunch, dark. If self-sufficiency is to go to Cruises Halong Bay , visitors can catch a bus in Hanoi. From Kim Ma station on Nguyen Thai Hoc, visitors welcome its buses Hoang Long Express. Car runs regularly every 15 minutes will have 1 trip to Ha Long. If you need to book in advance, you can contact us at telephone number (04) 8,452,846. In addition you can also catch a bus from Haiphong just Halong Bay approximately 75 km. Once in the bay , you can rent a boat or cruise on the bay.

There are trains from Hon Gai to Haiphong constantly every day. Train departs at 6:30 Hon Gai, 13h and 16h. Unfortunately there is no online hydrofoil runs Ha Long and Hai Phong . However, slightly higher ticket price than going by car.

 Shopping and prices

Overall the price is not too expensive in Halong for a well-known tourist areas. Visitors can shop for clothes with a little more than other places. Eating at the bar is also quite affordable prices. However, visitors should also be asked to determine the price before deciding what to buy or rent.

In addition, fares from Hanoi to Halong Bay approximately 60,000 (take a bus). Prices taxi from the bus station in Bai Chay tourism area average 15,000 per person. If to Hon Gai, you can take up to 40,000 VND per person. You should take a taxi if groups of 3 or more. Private bus from the bus station or Hon Gai to Bai Chay, the highest price of 5,000 dong per person.

Housing costs average about 150,000 per day. If possible, you should hire accommodation at Hon Gai to find the hostel with reasonable prices. And rent boats to visit Halong Bay   is quite messy. Ship seems more complex and inviting, easy to cause friction. You can contact the hotel for transplant can be arranged to avoid waiting boat or boats are not suitable transplant. Ticket Price is 40,000 dong per person. If you go 6 hours on the bay, the boat will be the price paid for every 100,000 people. To save cost, you should opt for the 3-4 hour trip. There is the option of morning or afternoon trips to more comfortable travel and rest


Note other

There are many tour operators to introduce the trip to Halong Bay with quite competitive prices, however, you should definitely check out if you get the products and services worth the money you spend or not. With theTour price is more expensive, the quality of boats, accommodation, vehicles, food and guides also “expensive” than. Some questions you should ask before you book the tour is how many people will go on to cars on the boat in Ha Long and Ha Long Bay, rooms have no air conditioning, on board meals, how and sailing time is how much. Thus, you will “see” before everything will happen like.

If you discover amorous pleasures go boating on the bay, you should also check time canoe is, to be able to predict trip to meet your wishes.

You can not dive in the fall or winter because the weather was getting quite cold. When you visit this place you should bring swimsuits and shorts and t-shirts, and bring adequate clothing for comfort.

To be able to easily rent a room for not too expensive, you should go into the first week or midweek. Starting from 6th to Sunday, Halong frequent disappointment and rates are often quite high up.

On the issue of trade and catering on the Gulf, you should be careful before you decide to buy something. Usually ships dock lets not go too 18h. However, if you move the way and deal with the boat owner can have a dinner on the beach. However, the price will certainly not cheap and often weigh booth. Ideally, you should only buy tickets visit and avoid any purchases, dining at sea. To fight hunger, you can buy bread, canned meat … bring to eat.

Come to the beach for people to understand more about this area. At the base, the people are friendly and the sea frank. If you are sincere and fun, they will welcome you with a comfortable way possible. Maybe they do not have to be a full, comfortable but in return, you have the information, with photos, can be the nature of man in the sea.

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Travel Guide Ha Long

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